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2017 (music)

2017 will be over soon. Good riddance. Current obsession, thanks Prez! Related Readings: 2017 Books (On Probabilistic Thinking, Technologies of Power, and Austerity & Poverty) Algiers, “The Underside of Power” Moor Mother & ONO play Resonance Series Catching Up #4 2016 Algiers, The Underside of Power (Matador Records, 2017) I suppose I was waiting for… (read more)

Moor Mother / ONO

“We don’t do songs.” Moor Mother was running a line test at The Hideout in Chicago, and uttered one of countless cutting truths while prepping with sax cohort David Boykin. The sound engineer wanted to know how long Boykin’s set up would be needed, perhaps for one song? But in the spirit of the night,… (read more)

Algiers, “The Underside of Power”

In case you missed it, 2015 was a year filled with black revolutionary voices that presaged the forthcoming white id that defines America’s current political hell. There was a sense during that year, that if only we listened we could have assisted in accomplishments of emancipation, even piecemeal, or merely understood dynamics of power to… (read more)

ONO, “Spooks”

If one subscribes to ONO’s exhibition emails, one will have noticed that the group recently added “Heroin” as a set-closing song. Video surfaced of the song from ONO’s CMJ set in Brooklyn, and last night ONO closed their Spooks release show with the song. Each of the group’s players masterfully builds their part throughout the… (read more)

ONO, Spooks 2a: Travis & test press art

While preparing for the release of Spooks, Travis completed a series of exquisite, detailed ink drawings on the test press labels. He produced two majors “motifs” or themes, and then recreated each scene on 12 test presses (x 2 LP) in vivid detail. The individual pieces feature variations, but the major imagery and storyline is the same across… (read more)

ONO, Spooks 1: P. Michael

To prepare for Spooks, I thought it was necessary to work directly with ONO to begin working with this extended and deep record. The album is unlike any ONO album to date, insofar as it captures more funky and soulful “traditional” sounds, while also effectively conveying the theatrical (in a good way) energy of the… (read more)

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter: fits of rage consumed any semblance of white guilt I felt to begin the year, as increasingly heartbreaking incidents of racist murder and terrorism continued. Rage, at my own comfort (hailing from the comfortable spaces of do-nothing middle class hanging on for dear life for any table scraps) and the utter culpability… (read more)