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2017 (Books)

Every day of 2017 has felt like one sliver of species-death, that sliver slowly-extracted in the most painful and least explicable manner, that sliver drawn to cause pointless suffering for as many people as possible, that sliver drawn to clothe those most lavishly clothed, feed the fullest, empower those most powerful, and so on. There… (read more)


WANTED: Looking for any and all information about Hardscrabble Amateurs “dead stock” or collections for sale. Also, looking to present a feature on this label, if possible… What are the whereabouts of this phenomenal, outsider/experimental/scuzz-defining label? industry[dot]dump [at] gmail[dot]com


INDUSTRY DUMP is an “off-press-cycle” / “free range” music site, to explore every avenue of recorded or live performances, histories, oddities, deadstock, forgotten artists, etc. A dump file for the music industry.