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Consuming in Order

I don’t know why I seek to find ethical behavior, morality, decency in entertainment. 2018 felt like the hangover from 2016 in many ways, a more constant barrage of cruelty and bigoted reminders, a stronger show from those in power that this power was theirs. So it was easy to see, in every way, every… (read more)


“Dedicated to the Healing Love of Women.” Whitney Johnson, performing as Matchess, adorns the back cover of a sparse white-and-black jacket with this inviting quote, immediately giving the listener an intriguing cue, a meditative thought for the drones pressed onto the bright “turmeric” wax. Johnson leaves few cues about the album other than this, song… (read more)

Catching Up #5

I always swear that I’ll write one of these without a five month delay, and yet here we are five months later so let’s get after it. Horizontal Administration Ananya Roy presents a fantastic vision about the dual agency and contested spaces of urban planning: “On the one hand, planning is the face of power… (read more)

2017 (music)

2017 will be over soon. Good riddance. Current obsession, thanks Prez! Related Readings: 2017 Books (On Probabilistic Thinking, Technologies of Power, and Austerity & Poverty) Algiers, “The Underside of Power” Moor Mother & ONO play Resonance Series Catching Up #4 2016 Algiers, The Underside of Power (Matador Records, 2017) I suppose I was waiting for… (read more)

Year-End Dump

FEATURES (8) ONO, Spooks 2: Travis Test Press Art & Writings (October 28, 2015) ONO, Spooks 1: P. Michael (October 27, 2015) Black Lives Matter (ONO / Algiers / Obnox) (October 26, 2015, Industry Dump) Horse Lords (September 28, 2015, Industry Dump) THE CHICAGO TRIANGLE: FINDING EVERYDAY MUSIC (JULY 6, 2015, Decoder) Radical Spaces: Q&A… (read more)

The Ultimate Painting Heist

There’s a game in our household, or a pasttime, whereby I listen to new and old paisley records, and my wife asks, “Is this a new record, or an old one?” (I can’t help it, I listen to a lot of 1960s music and 1960s worship). This is absolutely the way that Ultimate Painting entered… (read more)