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2017 (music)

2017 will be over soon. Good riddance. Current obsession, thanks Prez! Related Readings: 2017 Books (On Probabilistic Thinking, Technologies of Power, and Austerity & Poverty) Algiers, “The Underside of Power” Moor Mother & ONO play Resonance Series Catching Up #4 2016 Algiers, The Underside of Power (Matador Records, 2017) I suppose I was waiting for… (read more)

Year-End Dump

FEATURES (8) ONO, Spooks 2: Travis Test Press Art & Writings (October 28, 2015) ONO, Spooks 1: P. Michael (October 27, 2015) Black Lives Matter (ONO / Algiers / Obnox) (October 26, 2015, Industry Dump) Horse Lords (September 28, 2015, Industry Dump) THE CHICAGO TRIANGLE: FINDING EVERYDAY MUSIC (JULY 6, 2015, Decoder) Radical Spaces: Q&A… (read more)

The Ultimate Painting Heist

There’s a game in our household, or a pasttime, whereby I listen to new and old paisley records, and my wife asks, “Is this a new record, or an old one?” (I can’t help it, I listen to a lot of 1960s music and 1960s worship). This is absolutely the way that Ultimate Painting entered… (read more)