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Amateur. Writer at Decoder Magazine. Owner/Manager at Disciples of Uecker. Acid punk, experimental / outsider, paisley pop, baseball, baseball, baseball, history, etc.....

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WANTED: Looking for any and all information about Hardscrabble Amateurs “dead stock” or collections for sale. Also, looking to present a feature on this label, if possible… What are the whereabouts of this phenomenal, outsider/experimental/scuzz-defining label? industry[dot]dump [at] gmail[dot]com

The Ultimate Painting Heist

There’s a game in our household, or a pasttime, whereby I listen to new and old paisley records, and my wife asks, “Is this a new record, or an old one?” (I can’t help it, I listen to a lot of 1960s music and 1960s worship). This is absolutely the way that Ultimate Painting entered… (read more)

Muyassar Kurdi European Tour

Muyassar Kurdi boasts a pair of challenging, genre (or structure) defying releases in 2015, and the Chicago artist heads across the Atlantic on her forthcoming tour. After releasing White Noise in late winter, Kurdi issued Winter Improvisations, an hourlong cassette forged from a set of reel-to-reel recordings. These sidelong performances are highly abstract compared to… (read more)

Horse Lords: Abstract & Rhythmic Excursions

GOODNESS, five months ago, already, I witnessed Horse Lords opening for LITURGY at the Subterranean in Chicago, in order to check out the highly-regarded experimental act and begin discussing music with the group. The quartet played one of the fiercest opening sets I’ve seen, with the particular quality of winning over an audience throughout the… (read more)


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