Muyassar Kurdi European Tour

Muyassar Kurdi boasts a pair of challenging, genre (or structure) defying releases in 2015, and the Chicago artist heads across the Atlantic on her forthcoming tour. After releasing White Noise in late winter, Kurdi issued Winter Improvisations, an hourlong cassette forged from a set of reel-to-reel recordings. These sidelong performances are highly abstract compared to White Noise, essentially serving as a foundational set of experimentations that clears much of the space occupied by White Noise. By comparison, White Noise‘s songs are nearly “pop” in structure (a good thing), occupying returns or repetitions that contrast the restless unfolding on Winter Improvisations. In logical terms, Winter Improvisations could come before White Noise; submerge your palette with grand potential, and then sharpen it on one aspect.

The reel-to-reel readily accepts Kurdi’s dark distortion, which muddies oscillations. Early on side A, as Kurdi’s voice fades from the mix, she hones her distorted landscapes into a harrowing sequence of shifting notes, visceral in their propulsion from the speakers. While the vocals are largely abstract, Kurdi showcases the range of her voice, and also work to repeat notes and sequences over different series of exercises. As a result, her voice stands as a solid partner for the listener throughout both sides of the tape. It is a glimpse of the familiar through her most harrowing noisescapes.

Winter Improvisations is uncompromising noise, and it matches the sense of exploration, or pioneering ability, that Kurdi relishes in her live show. Complete blasts of circuitry exploitation, frightening delay imprints, and unclassifiable tracts are measured against lonely vocal experimentation for a dynamic set. In this atmosphere, the moments of pure melody are even more radical and effective, giving the listener fits or hints that there is even more promised beneath these layers of manipulation.

Muyassar Kurdi October Tour
*16 -Bradford, Fuse Art Space
*17 -London, Powerlunches w/ the homosexuals
*18 -Paris, Le Parvis de Bagnolet (w/ Marcia Bassett and Pedestrian Deposit)
*20 – Mulhouse, France, Chapelle Saint-Jean
*22 -Udine, Italy, Hybrida Space
*24 -Vienna, Mo.e.Vienna
*29-Manchester, Fuel cafe
*30- Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy (Opening for Acid Mothers Temple)